Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire in Newport News, VA

This house fire in Newport News, VA, a fire on the exterior of the home, burned into the interior of the home. SERVPRO has experienced technicians that speciali... READ MORE

Fire in Williamsburg, VA

This fire occurred in the kitchen of a Williamsburg, VA home. A box was left on stove smoldering for 2 hours. Filled everything in the house with soot. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Mathews, VA

This customer in Mathews, VA suffered a fire from a roll of paper towels left on the stove. The fire smoldered for a bit, while depositing soot throughout the ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Gloucester, VA

Pictured here is a fire damage in Gloucester, VA that took place when the homeowner’s son returned home from college over winter break. While the family w... READ MORE

House Fire in Mechanicsville, VA

This house fire was cause by faulty electric wires in the home. Thankfully the homeowner was safe and not harmed by the fire. However the rest of her home was c... READ MORE

Fire Debris in Yorktown, VA

The house fire pictured here was a result of a lightening strike. There might be super small odds that you'll get struck by lightening but house fires started b... READ MORE