What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

"I just wanted to pass along that our client’s washer backed up and they had water everywhere, was very pleased with the whole claim process and the cleanup from SERVPRO. This was back in November but we were working with them on something else and she wanted us to know that it was the smoothest and easiest claim they had ever been through. So thank you SERVPRO for making our clients happy and for doing such a great job."

"Thank you all so much for the timely help and professional service you provided during my family's recent "water event". In the course of trying to find where our leaks came from, mold was discovered in another location under a bathroom. This was the area you treated and we appreciated all you did to help us.

The workers who completed the job were professional and very courteous. When these types of events happen, it can throw you for a loop."

"You all have made this experience easy to deal with considering everything that has happen. First my house caught fire then had a water damage right afterwards. Never once did I doubt SERVPRO"

"My mother's home had a water damage, she is elderly and no longer lives there. When we went to go check on it the carpets were saturated with water from a pipe leaking on the second floor. As I work in the insurance business I knew who to call. SERVPRO takes care of my clients and they took care of my property with the best service in the industry."

Certificate of Satisfaction: 10 out of 10in all areas

They did a wonderful job, and I appreciate all the work they did for us. 

"Awesome staff. Thank you all!"

"Just wanted to say that so far, everyone I have met from SERVPRO has been awesome. Last night Brian and Jeff were great (very respectful of the fact that Kim needed to get to sleep so she could go to work today, efficient with what they were doing, explained things well, seemed to do a great job and got out of here at a reasonable time). You and Tommy are also super. You really seem to know what you are doing, and you explained it to me well enough that I have a flavor for it."